Gareth Marshall

Business Athlete: How To Adopt an ‘Athlete’s Mindset’ In Business

Do you continuously chase your goals or give up when the going gets tough?

From hard work and discipline to competitiveness, athletes have developed specific characteristics that enable them to succeed.

These characteristics are what make or break an athlete over their career. Successful athletes aren’t always the ones with the most talent but are the ones who are disciplined and mentally tough. They are the ones who arrive first at practice and leave last, putting in the extra work when no one is watching. They will do anything to come out on top and it is no different in Business.

The characteristics that make a great athlete are very similar to the characteristics that make for a great business leader.

You too can adopt these principles and become business athlete.

1. They are Goal Driven

Goal setting is one of the most important skills taught to athletes in order to help them achieve. The goal-setting process helps athletes understand where they are currently and also where they want to go to reach the success they are chasing.

A goal without a plan is only a dream. In business this is no different.

2. They stay calm under pressure

Composure is highly underrated and a key attribute to your leadership arsenal. Look at an athlete in the pressure moments of a game when the clock is ticking down, they don’t let the pressure bring them down – they use it as fuel.

Successful executives are no different. When it’s time to perform, they buckle down and focus, knowing the pressure they face is only going to make their work better.

This mindset helps elevates the people around them. If the stress of a project isn’t visibly affecting the mindset of a project manager, their staff is more likely to not let the pressure get to them.

3. They are resilient to adversity

The truth about life is that you will face challenges at some point in your career. It’s not about losing though. It’s about whether or not you can bounce back after you fail. Athletes understand that losing is a part of the journey. Taking the learning experience and never dwell on your losses.

In business, this is no different. You will face adversity at some stage and will question “why am I even doing this?!”

Those small defeats are minor when it comes to the big picture. Keep your focus on the long-term goals. Don’t let small defeats consume you. Remember that the journey wouldn’t be as meaningful if you didn’t have those small obstacles to bounce back from.

4. They Show Up Every Day

To be successful in sport or in business, you need to go to work every single day despite how you feel.

You never want to miss out on an opportunity because you didn’t feel like showing up that day. This doesn’t mean you have to go 110% every day and burn yourself out. You need to be realistic… but show up, even on the hard days. You will thank yourself in the future.

The Unleash Academy team believe that using an athlete’s mindset in business is crucial to achieving long-term results. The ability to show up and bounce back after defeat is preparing you for the next opportunity.