Gareth Marshall

Becoming a Business Athlete

Visualise an athlete. You’re probably thinking of a someone lean and muscular. Maybe a runner, an Olympian or a world-class footballer?

What do you visualize when you picture yourself?

We’re all athletes, regardless of winning a gold medal or scoring the match-winning goal. Being an athlete is more than just physical strength. It’s about your attitude, your mental ability and being driven by a single objective: becoming the best version of you.

“On the pitch or in the boardroom… the mentality is the same”

It doesn’t matter how much you want to achieve in business or in sport – you need to be disciplined and work hard for it. Athletes don’t just ‘show up’ to the race or match and expect to achieve their best. Their work starts off the field with disciplined training and coaching. Success in the world of business is no different. Turning up to your desk will only get you so far. You’re constantly competing, so release your inner athlete and be prepared to take on your most challenging opponent: you.

“Its never too late to develop an athlete’s heart”

Wouldn’t it be great to harness what makes athletes successful? The qualities that make a great athlete are strikingly similar to the qualities that make for a great business leader. You can adopt the principles of successful sports figures to be a world-class business athlete. 

Here are 4 key characteristics to start behaving like an athlete:

1. Be Mentally and Physically Strong
2. Be Goal Driven
3. Be Adaptable
3. Be Disciplined

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