Gareth Marshall

Business Athlete: Success doesn’t happen overnight

Are you constantly running and feel like the finish line is too far away?

Sometimes giving up seems easier. You need to remind yourself, success doesn’t always happen overnight. Lionel Messi was quoted as saying…

“I start early and I stay late, day after day, year after year. It took me 17 years and 114 days to become an overnight success.”

When we see athletes or teams take home the gold medal or win a World Cup, we see them at the height of their success. Mission accomplished. The same is true in business when chasing a promotion or landing a big project.

At that very moment of success, it’s easy to forget about the journey and what it took to get you there – it’s all about ‘the now’.

It takes time, commitment, and focus to get to the top. It’s a process that will involve having grit to overcoming challenges and obstacles, but at the same time will teach you some incredibly valuable lessons along the way.

At Unleash Academy we know that it isn’t always the beginning or the end that is most important, but rather the middle – bit piece between where you started and your end goal – this is where you learn the most, not only about the process but about ‘you‘ as well.

“A goal without a plan is only a dream”

Don’t just dream about your goals – develop your strength of character throughout the journey and take the necessary steps to bring them to life.

To truly achieve success, on or off the pitch, you first need to:

1. Define what success is for you:

Ask yourself what you believe success is. You need to know what you’re aiming for before you begin the journey. You might end up heading in the entirely wrong direction if you don’t have a plan on where you’re going. Once you get going in the right direction it’s important to realize that you won’t be able to just click your fingers and make yourself a success, you’ll be working hard for a long time to make it work.

2. To make sure you reach the finish line you need to set goals:

Goal setting is one of the most important skills taught to athletes in order to help them achieve. The goal-setting process helps athletes understand where they are currently and also where they want to go to reach the success they are chasing. It is also important to set and celebrate mini-goals, this ensures that you stay motivated. The same is true in business.

By defining what success is for you and setting goals you will be on the journey to achieving success.