Gareth Marshall

Business Athlete: Why I started Unleash Academy.

Everything I do is rooted in sport. Either training to stay healthy, watching sport or understanding an athlete mindset to succeed in business.

I am a believer that when you use the power of an athlete’s mindset in business, you are setup to win. There is a strong correlation between sport and business and harnessing this power can give you a competitive advantage by developing your mindset.

I want to leverage this to shift our culture and make a difference in South Africa through sport. As a starting point and to dive into this in more detail, I founded Unleash Academy.

Through interviewing athletes, business leaders, personal trainers and life coaches, I want unleash the power of an athlete’s mindset to succeed in business.

“On the pitch or in the boardroom… the mentality required is the same”

Join me as I investigate this topic further. As a starting point, to understand more read about ‘Becoming a Business Athlete‘ or visit Unleash Academy.