Gareth Marshall

Brand Building: Hero Marketing TV Ep 1: My thoughts on Marketing

To make yourself ‘future fit’ you need to ensure you never stop learning.

Thats exactly what marketers Eddy Fwamba and Khutso Magabe plan to to do with Hero Marketing TV. Through this new platform, they want to inspire current and future creators, makers and innovators who have a love for creating engaging marketing campaigns.

I had the honour to be included on the premiere episode of Hero Marketing TV. Aside from the obvious banter, they questioned me on marketing, sport sponsorship and connecting with consumers in an engaging way.

Hope you enjoy watching as much as I did being apart of this. Let me know your thoughts.

About Hero Marketing TV

At the crossroad of sport and entertainment marketing lies inspiration, passion and genius fuelled by the visionaries communicators.

In “Hero Marketing TV,” marketers Eddy Fwamba and Khutso Magabe sits down with today’s most impactful Creators, Architects, Designers and Innovators driving the brand and marketing communication, for an exploration of the insights they discovered to achieve success.

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