Gareth Marshall

Life is a Sport: Everyday is Game Day

Looking at defining characteristics, athletes are known for their discipline, determination and teamwork. Many have utilized these skills to guide their successful transition into the business world.

The reality is, most of us have not been athletes however, the good news is you can develop these traits by learning them. One of the best ways to do this is to treat every day like game day.

For many athletes, game day rituals are an essential part of the preparation process before stepping on the field. These range from wearing a lucky pair of socks, putting boots on in a certain order or touching the grass before running on the pitch. Athletes use these rituals to help put them into the right mental state for their performance. For them, it signals that it’s go time…

Preparation is vital in the process. Putting yourself in a winning head space each morning can help you feel confident and ready to take on your day. 

Do you have a daily ritual? It could be anything from eating a healthy breakfast, writing a to-do list, getting to the gym or practicing your presentation to give you the confidence to conquer your day, then allow those practices to push you forward. No matter what, you should be excited about conquering the day ahead.

Corporate culture can be highly competitive. There’s a lot to be learned from the mentality of the most competitive people in the world – athletes. If you want to win your day, try thinking like an athlete. Your team will thank you! You will thank you!

As always. Think like an athlete.

Originally Featured on Unleash Academy.