Gareth Marshall

Brand Building: The power of a story

Great brands know how to tell great stories and great stories leave a lasting impression.

According to Fast Company, our memories thrive off of storytelling, saying, “It’s far easier for us to remember stories than the cold hard facts.” This claim is supported by a study conducted by Jennifer Aaker, a marketing professor at the Stanford Graduate School of Business.

In the study, Aaker’s students were asked to give a one-minute pitch to their classmates. The classmates in turn were asked to write down what they remembered from each presentation. The conclusion was that only 5 percent of the class recalled a statistic, while 63 percent remembered the story. These results speak to the power of storytelling,

“Our greedy little brains are hungry for a good story, so if you want to make the sale, forget the data and make a personal connection.” Rachel Gillett (Fast Company)

In a cluttered environment, stories help drive recall, making them critical to building any successful brand, whether it’s for a product, a service, or a sports team.

To become a great marketer you need to become a great storyteller. Just designing a great product is not enough. It’s how you present that product that creates intrigue and demand.

Storytelling is a hard craft to master but once you have, you will be a step ahead of your competition.

The better your story, the stronger your brand.