Gareth Marshall

The power of movement… for your Mindset

Recently watched a great TED Talk by Steve Ilardi titled “Brain Chemistry Lifehacks”… looking at the impact ‘movement’ and exercise can have on your mindset.

He talks about how experience changes your brain. Unfortunately the majority of us sit for long periods at a time impacting our movement during the day. This is the ‘smoking’ of our time.

When you are physically active, neurotransmitters… like serotonin and dopamine light up enhancing energy, mood and motivation

There are lots of other major benefits to keep active. This is well worth a watch…

As always. Think like an athlete.

Steve Ilardi

TEDxKC 2013: Defy Impossible. Steve Ilardi is a clinical researcher with a passionate interest in improving treatment for mental illness. Steve is also the author of “The Depression Cure: The Six-Step Program to Beat Depression Without Drugs.”

Together with his research team, he has developed a novel program for clinical depression based on the premise that humans were not designed for modern life.

This treatment program – Therapeutic Lifestyle Change – has proven to be highly promising in preliminary trials, and has already been adopted by clinicians in over a dozen countries.